The Geography Department of Razi University was established in 1993 in response to the needs of the province and the western part of the country for geography specialists, especially Education Ministry, with the admittance of 35 students at the Department of Geography in the Faculty of Literature and Humanities. After two admission periods,, due to changes in recruitment of human resources policies in Education Ministry  , in 1995, students were admitted to bachelors in pure geography with geomorphology minor. In 1996 evening courses in undergraduate degree in climatology were added to it. In 1997, with the establishment of a master's degree in geomorphology and in the following year, that is 1998, master degree in climatology, masters of Geography and Rural Planning in 2008, graduate studies were also launched in the Department of Geography. In 2011, with the approval of Ph.D. courses in geomorphology and climatology, postgraduate studies entered a new era.

Geography Departments Majors:
- Bachelor of geomorphology
- Bachelor of Climatology
- Master of Geomorphology (Hydrogeomorphology in Environmental Planning)
- Masters of Climatology (Applied Climatology)
- Master of Geography and Rural Planning (Sustainable Rural Development Management)

- Ph.D. of Climatology (Climatic Hazards)
-PhD of Geomorphology (geomorphologic and environmental risk management)

Full Name of the Head of Department


Dr Iraj Jabbari

Associate Professor