Educational Deputy Dean



Educational Deputy Dean

Dr majid mohamadi

tel:+98 (083)34267125

email:m.mohammadi  [at]



Duties of the Educational Deputy Dean

All educational and postgraduate affairs at all levels of education, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, from the time of entry to the university are carried out in the faculty's Educational and Postgraduate Studies Office. These include selecting course units, class meeting times, examinations, unit matching, weekly programs, course changes, admission, transfer, cancellation, graduation, approval of a proposal, defense of a dissertation or thesis, and other educational affairs. The Department of Educational and Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty provides educational services to students through the Education Department and Six other Departments. The Education Department consists of staff responsible for educational affairs and several experts in education. Each of the six departments of the faculty has a head, and an educational expert who, with the collaboration of one or more staff, is in charge of the pursuit of students' educational affairs. To follow up their educational affairs, students first meet the educational expert and the head of the department and, if necessary, they refer to educational experts of the faculty. In order to finalize the students' affair, if necessary, the students are introduced   to the deputy dean of the faculty.